Demolish The Cover Ups

by john geoff

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just a few tracks for new and old listeners to enjoy, all recorded throughout 2012.


released November 20, 2012



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john geoff New Jersey

acoustic folk punk/alternative jams by john geoff and at times patrick sullivan. songs about life experiences, anxiety, fun, and anything else that comes to mind.

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Track Name: Tonight (Demo)
Ever since I was thirteen
You were always there for me
The one I could always count on
To bring me out of my misery
But now it seems you’ve lost your heart
And my whole life is falling apart
Why is it that you had to leave?
Should have seen this coming from the start
It’s been four years since you’ve been gone
I’ve been missing you for oh so long
Without you I don’t have a place
But I hope that you’re out there having fun
'Cause I lost my identity
Don’t know who I’m supposed to be
But when I look at those old photographs
I remember how good it used to be
Crawl out of your coffin for one last show
Make me feel young and free again
We’ll get messed up and enjoy our lives
'Cause all that matters is tonight
I remember having fun every night
And never worrying about the morning light
Hanging out with the ones I love
And some that I didn’t even care to know
I wanna be excited for every moment
Not stuck inside and oh so boring
The graveyards so sick of your old bones
So c’mon back here, and play one last show
Track Name: (Expect) Something Good (To Happen Every Day) (Demo)
what is out there for me?
when will the next chapter start?
got some direction but how much further should i go?
should i move out near your job, where will i go to school?
does it even matter or should i take some time off?

stuck in a world that is so full of questions, and you were too but it seems you've found your answers
i wanna live without this uncertainty, or maybe it's what keeps us going all along

i wanna marry you girl, you are the base of my world, but i'm unstable and living in a veggie house
why do i think so much? when will i just calm down? i wanna enjoy life and live in the moment every day

say everything will be a okay and everything will be okay
Track Name: Shots With Confidence (Demo)
you've been feeling like there's nothing left, and what's there has fallen apart
in three short weeks you're moving out to the land of the unknown
it's too late to wonder how different things could have been
so take these shots with confidence, our drunken lullaby

keep your head up, yeah
keep on hoping for the best
when you wake up everything,
everything could just change

your best friends are as close to you as jersey is to france, and at 3am you're all alone just praying for the warmth
of someone, somewhere, anything just to make you feel alright
so takes these shots with confidence and sing with me tonight
Track Name: Luv Ya Like A Samurai (Clean Vocal Demo)
"come over" she said, "i've got some beer, we can party on until we see the sun, we'll have a great time just like we always do."
"sounds great" i said, "see you at ten, we'll put on some lucero and dance the night away." and we danced the night away

so many drinks gone by, time is flyin`
you're lookin` so good i wanna make you mine
i hope that you feel the same way too

the clock struck two, we're laying down, kissin` on the sofa, no one else is around
i gotta make a move, i gotta make a move
"i like you and no one else, how `bout i throw that lasso 'round the moon? 'cause it shines for you and you deserve the best."

so many drinks gone by, time is flyin`
you're lookin` so good i wanna make you mine
i hope that you feel the same way too

she said, "i don't need the moon, i just wanna spend my days with you, we'll wake up and spend saturdays in bed"